Friday, October 30, 2009

Time to spend reading!!

Yes, Day Light Savings Time ends this weekend. That means more time to read! If you read a good book create a post telling everyone the title and author of the book along with a brief summary and recommendation on why to read this book. Please do not put your full name on the post, but you may include your initials at the end.

To post a book recommendation, click on Comments and add your book info in the box. After you have added your comment, enter the word verification box and then scroll to the bottom of that screen, click on Anonymous and then click on Publish Your Comment. It is that easy!!

Thanks for your contribution and Happy Reading.

Your Book Buddy- Ms. Wolbert


Anonymous said...

hi.... reading is fun

Ed said...

Hi read the book seires EVEREST
It is a 3 book series about a group of people who have the Ultimate goal... to be the youngest to get to the top of Everest!

#1- The contest
#2- The Climb
#3- The Summit

Happy Reading!!!